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Happy Janie-versary!

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

It was one year ago today that Ms. Janie Sparkles joined our home. At the risk of overloading this blog with cuteness and dog photos, I promise to write more knitting content soon. I’m closing in on the toe of my first Scout’s Swag custom-dyed sock.


Inspired by Lime & Violet, I’m considering “running” my own Sock Marathon, knitting through my mileage of sock yarn. Compared to some of the stashes I’ve seen, I’m not even a high school cross-country sprinter with a measly 2 miles of yardage. I’d be happy to get through 4 pairs, plus the Socks that Rock club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. (That’s 10 this year, don’t hold me to that.)

Work was a beast this week. In addition to my absence here, I’ve been quiet at Runagogo. Off to go do that and/or get a run in. After a week of no running, my foot’s feeling much better.

(Thanks to Peephole for the inspiring this post’s title. You look so fetching in that Hallowig!)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Friday, January 5th, 2007

From me, C, and your granddaughter, pictured on the right, we wish you the best.

Today is my mother’s 64th birthday. I don’t believe she’s that old (neither can she!). You wouldn’t know it from her new-found enthusiasm for knitting, specifically socks.

What better gift to give a new knitter without access to a LYS than a sock club membership where she’ll experience many different brands and patterns? Today she received some Mega Boots Stretch and a pretty Ripple sock pattern. These combined with the couple of Yarn Harlot books and Cat Bordhi‘s 2 circ book she received for xmas, she’ll have plenty to keep her busy.

Don’t worry. My dad got her a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts so she can experience some gorgeously colored gems. We’ll have her knitting on all kinds of yarn.

And, for my birthday, I’m thinking of sending her some of Scout’s Swag so she can make me a pair!

I go, Grrl

Friday, January 5th, 2007

This was supposed to be a day off of work, but I’m heading in to the office in a few minutes to continue my first-week productive streak. I’ve spent the morning browsing through the amazing posts at site, the knitting/running/moving 100 miles by April 1st madness dreamed up by the amazing Rachael of and tech-ified by the glamour geek Scout of

I’m honored and proud to be included in this project as one of the “Gogo Grrls” with the role of being the cheerleader and fitness friend. I posted my first Rah-rah post. If you’re at all intrigued by the idea of covering 100 miles in the first 3 months of 2007, please join us! Want to know more, start here. You can run, walk, swim, skate, shimmy or whatever you like.

I hope this weekend, I’m hoping to post some images of my progress on the reknit sock in Scout’s yarn (it’s striping finally, not pooling like a a heat-sensor image from Predator) and my new skein of Lisa Souza Mars Quake! sock yarn. I also have a pair of Knucks with a bajillion ends to weave in for my swim coach.

I bid thee to bid

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

EDITED: there’s a problem with eBay and their charity auction regulations. Please be patient. Lisa says the auction will launch with or without eBay in the next few days. Auctions are open until January 7th!

My prolific friend Lisa, her sister Stephanie and their mother Gerrie have organized an art and craft auction for the Kim family.

James Kim died while trying to get help for his wife Kati and two daughters after they were stranded for more than a week in Oregon’s wilderness over Thanksgiving weekend. They were driving home to San Francisco from Portland, on the same roads that we traveled on from Eugene.

All of the items are exquisite and their makers are some of the most talented people out there today, including Jess Hutch.

The auctions opened today and bidding closes on 1/7. Prices are high, but it’s for a cause that’s more than worthy. It’s touched many people in my life personally who are friends with the family.

If you have the means, bid generously. If not, please support the two stores the Kim’s opened in San Francisco, Doe in the Lower Haight and Church Street Apothecary in Noe Valley.


Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
Flying French Bulldog

I was a bad dog-father over this past week and a half. Although I was off work since 12/22 until today’s lethargic return, I didn’t take out Janie Sparkles on daily romping adventures. She was walked, mind you, just not given proper off-leash time.

So for the first day of the new year, I only had four goals:

  • take Janie for a walk,
  • go for a run,
  • pay the bills
  • and write in a paper journal.

Our visit to the gayest dog run (smack-dab in the Castro) was interrupted by a call from Bibby’s mommy who invited us to Chrissy Field. They were going to be there until sundown, so me and Ms. Sparkles hopped back into the car and returned home. I busted out a lumbering 3.1455 mile run and then we were off to pick up the man and hit the beach.

In addition to terrorizing Bibby every time her retrieved a ball from the water, my little girl stole tennis ball from a cute two-month old puppy. As you can see, she has a long way to go in the manners department.

31 days

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Happy New Year, gentle readers!

I’m less than two hours away from the end of 2007’s first day. And, although I’m trying not to make hard and fast resolutions (since they often get broken and are based in a sense of lack or unsatisfaction), I made some symbolic gestures towards starting anew today. Before I go into that, I want to explain the last month of posts.

I hadn’t been a regular poster here, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. I had heard of the Holidailies thanks to my friend Lola. I considered doing it in an unofficial capacity in previous years and blogs, but that good intention didn’t amount to much more than a couple of days. As you may have noticed, I managed 30 posts last month. Not bad, eh? It’s the equivalent of fiber for bloggers.

It wasn’t alway the most compelling content, but my goal was just to prove to myself that I could do it. Put you mind to something and there you go! Not that I needed to learn that lesson again, but ain’t it fun to prove that anything’s possible?

So what might this year hold for me?

  • Rachael‘s call to arms/feet of running 100 miles before April Fool’s Day,
  • a moleskine scribbled into daily in the spirit of Embodiment,
  • a bunch of socks, sweaters and hats knit—my own designs, some classics (the year I get to know EZ), vintage and whatever else comes along,
  • and, perhaps once a month, a new restaurant, a new recipe, a new book, a new adventure here or elsewhere.

May today mark the beginning of the best year of your life.