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From Burbank

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Just a quick note to prove that I am indeed alive and well. I flew down this morning, to LA’s cutest little airport. In fact, I could walk to it, as it sits just across the street from my hotel and can be viewed from my window.

I got most of my knitting done for the show while enjoying Thanksgiving at the in-laws up in Eugene, OR. However, selfish new car owner that I am, I sacrificed quality knitting time by driving there and back myself, while Mr. Man enjoyed the dog on his lap.

The “hero” bag was felted at work on Monday. I don’t love it… it’s bigger than the last one. But that’s just the magical/random nature of felting. I’d rather be knitting than fussing with hot water in the washing machine. My little sister will love it nonetheless.

Sonya, my wonderful producer, rehearsed me all afternoon. I’m feeling confident about the shoot. Call is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. Now I just have to finish 40+ rows of a mini-version of the bag. Woo woo. Call that another Xmas gift.

Mr. Yarn Ball Boogie is shooting his show after mine, so I got to meet him today. Now that we’ve had face-time, I’ll have to stop lurking and drop him some comment love. He even shipped in his own entourage from Chicago, an inspiration and someone I’ve longed to meet since I started a-knittin’. His comment on my last post told me he’s reading, which makes me want to write more often, more cleverly and more betterly. I’ll see if he allows me to capture him on the otherside of the lens.

Too bad we have this TV show to do… I’d rather hang out and chat with them and Sonya all day!

GWM ISO Male Knitter

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

I’ll admit it. There’s no way in heck that I’ll finish my novel by the end of the month. A third year, a third loss. But I did get further than before. There’s always next year… and maybe I can still get this one past 10,000 words?

I fully blame Knitty Gritty. In fact, I happily blame them. It’s a great opportunity and I don’t want the writing to get in the way. I’m excited about being on the show and have been knitting like a madman, swatching like a champ, and improving on the original design of the messenger bag.

That said, do you want to be on the show with me?

The “Knitster” wrangler and producer have asked me to ask YOU to be on the show! They desparately need one more guy for the taping. You’ll get the materials to make your own messenger bag, too! If you’ve got both X and Y chromosomes and can get Los Angeles (well, Burbank, actually) for early morning on 11/30, leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch with the good people behind the show.

It would be great to have the company!

Shouldn’t I be novelling?

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Since I’m not giving you words to read, here’s a picture to look at. Me and Miss Janie Sparkles. Feel free to explore DeadSlow’s other photographs.

I’m way behind on wordcount, and it’s questionable whether or not I’ll make it. Knitty Gritty has asked me to shoot an episode about my felted messenger bag (originally published by, and updated construction inspired by Stephanie’s design from Knitty).

So, a wonderful opportunity; but a sad reality check for NaNoWriMo. I don’t know if I can knit samples of my bag in various stages of completion AND pound out the 2K+ words per day required to catch up.

But I’m going to try. Thanks for the encouragement, Rachael (local knitter, blogger superstar, and writerly inspiration who I look forward to meeting one day).

Taking a breather

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

I said I wouldn’t post here unless I had reached my daily goals. While I’m behind in the big picture, I did write above and beyond today’s goal. There’a s little graph that I’ll keep up in my sidebar for the month of November. So far, so good. I made up for a very slow start and feel pretty good. If only I got 700 words done tonight, I’d feel better. Almost 1500 behind. Alas.

In knitting news, Mom finished her second sock. I cast-on while talking to her this morning for a second one myself. It must be genetic. Can’t wait for the photo, Mom. Keep on knitting!