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Prop H8 upheld.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Pardon the repeated image, but here we are again.

I’m still married, but the California Supreme Court upheld the legality of Prop. 8. What joy is there in that fact when a popular vote can deny people equal rights under the law?

As of today, I have special rights. As one of the 18,000 Californians who were legally married between June and November 2008, our marriage remains valid under state law.

But I never wanted special rights. I just want equal rights. For everyone.

From Rachael Yarn-a-go-go’s post:

You know what? I would bet that most of us would give up our legal marriages RIGHT NOW in order to get rights for all.

Amen, sister.

Passing through

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Golly goodness me! I’m out of practice on this thing. I just lost a pretty darn good post because I couldn’t save the draft in this iPhone app. Apparently, my real life is keeping me away from posting here as often as I’d like to. Between work, design fun and general living, it’s been très busy chez hizKNITS.

I don’t even know where I left off. There were a few mini half-posts about the fun had in Austin at SxSWi and at BMFA’s Sock Camp with mom. Much more was had than written, but that will remain the fodder of conversation, not blog.

Here in the present, I took the red-eye from SFO to O’Hare, landing at 4:48 am and have over four hours to kill at the airport. There’s plenty of knitting I could be doing (class samples, afghan square, notes for Sock Summit classes) but I’m in a sleep-deprived daze, checking Twitter and trying to type this after enjoying a surprisingly non-offensive breakfast at Chili’s. (I recommend the breakfast tacos – vegetarian and not greasy.)

I’m on my way to the second Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat just north of Albany, NY. I don’t know how Joe and Tex could improve on last year’s magic, but I’m sure they will. We’re the only group at Easton Mountain this time, there are more guys, it’s one day longer, group field trips and a slumber party. I gotta make this one count since I can’t make the west coast MFKR over Labor Day weekend in WA.

This time last year, I had no idea how great the weekend would be. I also didn’t expect to gain a new best friend / evil twin in Sean (sorry no link, but he’s in the sidebar and you can google Sean’s Soapbox). As a result of MSKR I, it’s been a year of new friends, much laughter, a trip to baby-got-Rhinebeck, a visit from the Great White North, MFKR and countless inspirations.

Although I’m not taking off for two weeks in Berlin after the retreat, I’m still looking forward to the afterglow and the memories of every stripe yet to be made. Like Sock Camp, this one weekend could carry me for an entire year. I don’t spend hardly enough time socializing in the online knitting world so I love getting it done in person.

BTW – I’m going to be in Madison, WI June 1-3 for work if any midwesterners are reading. Recomendations are encouraged!