Prop H8 upheld.


Pardon the repeated image, but here we are again.

I’m still married, but the California Supreme Court upheld the legality of Prop. 8. What joy is there in that fact when a popular vote can deny people equal rights under the law?

As of today, I have special rights. As one of the 18,000 Californians who were legally married between June and November 2008, our marriage remains valid under state law.

But I never wanted special rights. I just want equal rights. For everyone.

From Rachael Yarn-a-go-go’s post:

You know what? I would bet that most of us would give up our legal marriages RIGHT NOW in order to get rights for all.

Amen, sister.

7 Responses to “Prop H8 upheld.”

  1. Mel Says:

    Of course, just last year the CA Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples had a “fundamental right” to marry, but this ruling makes it abundantly clear that no right is “fundamental”, since it’s apparently subject to the whim of the majority.

  2. Sean Says:

    It’s a travesty, seriously. Civil rights have never been determined by a referendum…nor should they be. Where is the precedent for this. I see the beginnings of a trip to the US Supreme Court. This can’t be the final decision.

  3. Elemmaciltur Says:

    This totally sucks ass…big time.

  4. chrisimon Says:

    A year ago I was engaged to be married, today I am still “Living with Partner.”

    Different but equal just AIN”T!

  5. debolsillo Says:

    Once you give a right to the people you can’t take it back. I’m sorry to hear these bad news from California, in Spain the same-sex marriage is legal since july 2nd 2005 (and these couples can adopt children like any other couple).

  6. steve beschakis Says:

    marriage is an antiquated, fading, empty ritual. why do you even care about it? …unless the motivation is economic, in which case I suppose it makes a certain kind of sense to insist on getting all the goodies to which one might be able to persuade the government that one is entitled. anything over and above this sort of base motive, though, does seem ridiculous. after all, apart from the potential for material betterment should full marriage rights be granted to gays, what’s to be gained? any relationship between two people that requires a catered banquet, jewelry exchange, and a signed document in order to survive is probably already doomed.

  7. Amy Says:

    Everytime I hear about this, I get so angry. I’m glad you and your partner get to stay married, but I am frustrated that we can’t carry the notion that “all men (people) are created equal” through to actually include “all.”

    I wish you the best of luck in your future, and pray that your rights will be equal someday – hopefully sooner than later.