the Everest of knitting (socks)

Where have I been for so long?

There’s no one simple answer, but suffice to say, preparing to teach at Sock Summit has been getting the attention of my fiber focus for the past many months. You heard about that, eh?

If you follow me on twitter I’m sure you’ve seen little tidbits about it over the past week or so…

It’s now over and I’m home. In lieu of attempting to capture the wonder and merriment of it all, I leave you with a video of the World Record attempt for the largest group of knitters knitting simultaneously. It’s nice to see a few fellas were caught on film, too!

(I think we got it!)

Knitters attempt to break Guinness World Record

12 Responses to “the Everest of knitting (socks)”

  1. Darci Says:


  2. Anna Says:

    I SAW YOU!

  3. Mel Says:

    So funny to watch that video and see just how many people in it I actually know. So very bummed I didn’t make it, but at least Rabbitch delivered smooches for me.

  4. Darx Says:

    Look at you Mr. 1:35! That’s you, right?! Your hair looks so normal I can hardly tell. Very very cool. So glad you had an amazing time. Looking forward to our knitting phone date so I can hear all about it 🙂

  5. Keesoo Says:

    Awesome! I wish I was there. I gotta learn some of those speed knitting techniques.

  6. Mom Says:

    Almost seemed like I there!!

  7. cockeyed Says:


  8. cupcakefaerie Says:

    I was there but seeing the video still gives me chills. Hey, and you got some nice airtime there! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Dean Says:

    Way to go Stephen! I had no idea there with this many knitters…

  10. Angela Says:

    Your class got some nice props from Kelli Petkun on the Knit Picks podcast. Congratulations, you were a big hit! Great to see you again, and so nice to meet Janie Sparkles!

  11. ms.gusset Says:

    great video – and yes, who is that charming man in the blue shirt? mate, it was lovely sharing whiffies with you and james semaphoria, along with meeting the most fabulous janie sparkles. thanks for making socksummit special.

  12. Laurie Says:

    I wondered what the judges thought when they told us to stop and people started yelling for just one more row.

    It was great seeing you! The whole thing was overwhelming wasn’t it? I think I have finally recovered and it is so nice to just knit for fun again.