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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Janie!we got her!

at 10:50 this morning, her foster mom left me the happy news on my voicemail. Janie is our new little girl. she comes to us via French Bulldog Rescue Network. suppport them if you can!

be forewarned. (but feel free to tell me I’m writing about a pet too much.)

miss-taken identity

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

I was finally able to view MenKnit, the second issue. For whatever reason, my Mac at home doesn’t see some of the fonts. That’s why I’m thankful for my office and this here computer…


One thing was surprising… the photo of Mark (of MarQ1) looks a lot like me (one year ago).

Mark, I’m so sorry they put that photo there. While, I often shave my head, currently, I’m much hair-ier (see photo).

The next time I’m in NYC, let’s knit and see if it’s like looking in a mirror, in a wacky, gay Parent Trap kind of way (the 1961 version).


Monday, January 9th, 2006

As far as the almanac-along that Tricky and Franklin are doing, there are no men (that I can tell) on the participants list. I’d like to throw my jockstrap into the ring.

Wait, that’s a great January idea, aran undergarments. Unvent that, EZ! I just ordered my copy of her Knitter’s Almanac . And a copy of Knitting Workshop for good measure. One can never have too many books, eh?

I just finished an aran in December, so I may simply swatch some honeycomb for January. I don’t consider myself the joining type, as I’ve never knit-a-long with anyone. But, I like the anarcho generousity those guys have invoked. I’m a big fan of
learning from the greats, so this Almanacalong is right up my alley.

yes, a button
(I had to add the gratuitous button, so you understand the depth of my commitment.)


Sunday, January 8th, 2006

wait, haven’t I read that post somewhere before?

yes, you have. many of the posts that are on here originated at MWK is my favorite knitting website ever-ever in the whole wide world. it was launched around the time I started knitting by Darrel, a fellow (at that time) neo-knitter. he also just happened to be local and we quickly hit up an IM friendship which evolved into stalking various knitting nights around San Francisco.

I just imported my past MWK entries to here. I always dreamt of having an URL of my own (as much as I love various web-based blogging softwear) since I started typing stuff into these little boxes for all the world to see back in 2000. as a professional blogger, well, online marketing manager that oversees a multi-author corporate blog (no, I won’t tell you where), it’s high time I got my own space.

how did this come about? good ol’ Darrel, once again. he has a business that does drupal and wordpress hosting and he hooked me up with my own site… easy peasy!

never you worry. I’m not leaving MenWhoKnit. I’ll probably cross-post regularly, but plan on dumping some more personal stuff into this site. if all goes well, will evolve in the spirit of my crafty friend Lisa’s site.

cross your needles and hope for the best.

MenKnit#2 has arrived

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

At long last, MenKnit’s second issue is out. Which means my felted (bike) tubular messenger bag pattern is free for all to see!Messenger Bag in action

So this is what it feels like to be published! I encourage everyone to consider submitting to future issues. We need more patterns by men out there. Thank you, Tricky and Dan!

Nice work, to everyone involved!