miss-taken identity

I was finally able to view MenKnit, the second issue. For whatever reason, my Mac at home doesn’t see some of the fonts. That’s why I’m thankful for my office and this here computer…


One thing was surprising… the photo of Mark (of MarQ1) looks a lot like me (one year ago).

Mark, I’m so sorry they put that photo there. While, I often shave my head, currently, I’m much hair-ier (see photo).

The next time I’m in NYC, let’s knit and see if it’s like looking in a mirror, in a wacky, gay Parent Trap kind of way (the 1961 version).

7 Responses to “miss-taken identity”

  1. MarQ1 Says:

    Chances of anyone being freaked out by the amazing resemblance are infinitesimal. Unless said viewer is incredibly drunk.

  2. MarQ1 Says:

    BTW: Sorry about the Madonna reference. It was in my head.

  3. Stephen Says:

    no worries about Madge, Mark. does she get special dispensation from #52 of the 65 Things About You?

    I love Hendrick’s and cheese, too. but height and dogs are where we differ. I reckon about 51% similar according to your list.

  4. dan Says:

    Hey there.
    I’ve made the correction. Heads are now back where they should be.


  5. becky Says:

    I am stephen’s sister, and i just wanted to publicy state i have THE coolest brother in the world, and i love him from head to his toes!

  6. emmalola Says:

    niiiiice webpage, flossy! Totally impressed. And I thought it was a little strange to see your doppleganger under someone else’s bio, but I figured. I just figured.

  7. Elemmaciltur Says:

    *LOL* I found that quite funny…I think that the picture had been corrected…but I still have the edition with the wrong picture. *ebil grins*