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Call me a tease

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Much knitting done this weekend—both the act of and the shopping for. Get ready for recaps of my Trekking XXL socks and a fast and furious Halfdome. Photos are forthcoming as well.

Thursday morning ritual

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week. Besides the usual work routine, it’s often my day to take Janie to the office. We hang out at my desk from 9am to 6:30 or 7pm, sometimes later, before we rush off into traffic to get to synchro practice at 7:30pm. Janie doesn’t come to that. The result is I’m often late and stressed and not in the best mindset for swimming.

There are two things that make the endless day and night all better… at 9:30, practice is over, though sometimes you could call it torture. Then it’s home for a late dinner and savoring all the Project Runway goodness TiVo has captured.

Yesterday, I didn’t bring our little blossom to the office because she’s coming in today. Then, I had a 5pm meeting in the City, so I left work early and had about an hour at home before practice (which I will continue to feel in my obliques for days). As usual, from 10-11pm, PR ruled.

The reason for this post’s title? Upon getting online, I run over to Dan’s blog for his astute recap. I’m shocked at the winner (that’s not an outfit for an “everyday woman” nor did it look flattering from the waist up!). He needs to go. I agree with the dismissal, however much I wanted to like him. I just wish he’d grow a spine or a unique design perspective.

However, I disagree with your assessment of the Angela’s mom/Jeffrey thing. Maybe it’s how I was raised (being the son of a minister), but if I ever addressed my mother or any one in that matter, I’d expect a slap across my face. Rude is rude, even if it’s in response to someone’s strategic schemings.

That said, thanks, Dan, for being part of my Thursdays.

Hot, wet men in Speedos (photos and video)

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

synchro with MicheleYou asked so nicely…

Who needs YouTube when mainstream media posts video for you? The San Francisco Chronicle ran an article about my swim team on the cover of today’s sports section. At they have pictures and even a video (shot by my favorite photographer).

Knitting-wise, let it be known that Besty of (and my knitting teacher) is in the video in a two-piece; our coach Suzanne knits as does swimmer Kelly, although they are not pictured.

I’m the white gay guy with short hair in a Speedo.

(photo: Laura Morton/Chronicle)

Enough about me…

Monday, August 21st, 2006

…what do other people think about me?

In the interest of posting something, anything, more often, here’s an interview I did in Montreal on

I know, I know. The split should be flatter.

Read me for the articles

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

One of the reasons I don’t write here often is the misguided impression that I should limit my posts to just knitting. Along with that, I judge my photo-less posts as inferior to those with pretty pictures. Therefore, my precious few loyal readers have an erratic and inconsistent document of my going-ons. For that I apologize. I’m sure something is better than nothing. Heck, some of my favorite reads, knitting and otherwise are text-only. With that, I’m giving permission to contain more non-knitting stuff and photos will be a bonus, not a manditory.

It’s been a week since my return from Canardia (silly joke from last year’s Poland trip). My thoughts are no more collected, nor are my (by which I mean Chris’–link doesn’t show swim pix) photos sorted. I realize that life’s just going to keep chugging on, whether I compose witty words to describe it or not. I am caught up in hanging with the puppy (sometimes even in bed!).

The best sporting part of Montreal was deciding to swim a solo. I went planning just to swim a duet. When I originally signed up, I did so as a solo, as it looked like no one else from my team was going, since we agreed to swim at the Gay Games in Chicago. There, I swam a team of 6 and a trio. One third of our trio happened to be from Montreal, so she decided to visit her family and we became a two-some. They still had me down for a solo as well, so all it took was some friendly support to convince me to swim alone. In a competition. For my first time. Ever.

I spent a couple of hours today editing all the video onto a DVD for our team meeting tomorrow night. If you beg nicely, I could be convinced to edit a few short movies together and toss them up on YouTube. How badly do you want to see me in a Speedo with pointed toes?

Beyond the sporty stuff. hanging with people was the best part of the two weeks away. Swimmers from Quebec, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Toronto, and even Sacramento, not to mention the Canadian National Team! My sister and her new girlfriend. A long-lost friend from college and his boyfriend. My duet partners mom and her many draq queen friends. A co-worker’s recent friend and the source of the best eating recommendations in all of Montreal. A fellow knitter and his fellow, Nigel (who commented on my last post) and Geordie (father of knit designer Holly), who we followed to Quebec City.

Knitting-wise, I finished the last sock for the Trek-Along while in Chicago. I’ve worn the socks twice, and they are so much softer after washing. I’ll definitely be buying some more of that yarn. The sock that I was knitting coming out of the the Metro when spotted by Nigel is finished, and I’m well into the foot of its brother. It’s a simple sock with the split toe from’s latest issue, no intarsia or mock-button back. No need to design one myself, now. We’ll see how that yarn (Lana Grossa’s Mega Boots Stretch in orange with green and maroon varigation) wears. I don’t like the toe-up sock for one reason alone: the cast-off edge of the cuff is too tight, no matter how large a needle and suspended cast-off method. No need to design my own, Tricky.

One sunny day, I’ll get around to photographing a bunch of stuff. There’s still the Artfibers Mammoth raglan sweater that needs a collar and to be sewn together. Speaking of things that need to be finished, the cycling aran I made still needs a zipper, but remains one of my favorite things I’ve made. (Micah, I used a Rowanspun Chunky found on

That’s all for this Sunday evening. I was supposed to do some work for my day job, but it was so much more fun writing to you. Hopefully, more words and pictures to come.

gone fishin’

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Janie on her own vacationSorry for the long silence. I’ve spent the past two weeks in Montreal at the OutGames. The week before that was a busy six days home after a week of the Gay Games in Chicago. Much to write about, but it will have to wait until I collect my thoughts. Suffice to say, gold and silver medals were won in synchronized swimming, a pair of socks were finished and another started, new friends (one a knitter) were met, long-lost friends found, and places of my past visited.

I’m looking forward to surviving the airport in the early hours of tomorrow, sleeping in my own bed and, most importantly, wrasslin’/kissin’/cuddlin’/runnin’/nappin’ with my little Janie Sparkles (photo courtesy of Pick of the Litter Pet Care).