Thursday morning ritual

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week. Besides the usual work routine, it’s often my day to take Janie to the office. We hang out at my desk from 9am to 6:30 or 7pm, sometimes later, before we rush off into traffic to get to synchro practice at 7:30pm. Janie doesn’t come to that. The result is I’m often late and stressed and not in the best mindset for swimming.

There are two things that make the endless day and night all better… at 9:30, practice is over, though sometimes you could call it torture. Then it’s home for a late dinner and savoring all the Project Runway goodness TiVo has captured.

Yesterday, I didn’t bring our little blossom to the office because she’s coming in today. Then, I had a 5pm meeting in the City, so I left work early and had about an hour at home before practice (which I will continue to feel in my obliques for days). As usual, from 10-11pm, PR ruled.

The reason for this post’s title? Upon getting online, I run over to Dan’s blog for his astute recap. I’m shocked at the winner (that’s not an outfit for an “everyday woman” nor did it look flattering from the waist up!). He needs to go. I agree with the dismissal, however much I wanted to like him. I just wish he’d grow a spine or a unique design perspective.

However, I disagree with your assessment of the Angela’s mom/Jeffrey thing. Maybe it’s how I was raised (being the son of a minister), but if I ever addressed my mother or any one in that matter, I’d expect a slap across my face. Rude is rude, even if it’s in response to someone’s strategic schemings.

That said, thanks, Dan, for being part of my Thursdays.

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