Hot, wet men in Speedos (photos and video)

synchro with MicheleYou asked so nicely…

Who needs YouTube when mainstream media posts video for you? The San Francisco Chronicle ran an article about my swim team on the cover of today’s sports section. At they have pictures and even a video (shot by my favorite photographer).

Knitting-wise, let it be known that Besty of (and my knitting teacher) is in the video in a two-piece; our coach Suzanne knits as does swimmer Kelly, although they are not pictured.

I’m the white gay guy with short hair in a Speedo.

(photo: Laura Morton/Chronicle)

2 Responses to “Hot, wet men in Speedos (photos and video)”

  1. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Hehe, that’s really cool!

  2. TrickyTricot Says:

    Um, you’re freakin rock!

    Somehow, my dirty mind was thinking something else when you said “see me in a speedo.” Oops.