gone fishin’

Janie on her own vacationSorry for the long silence. I’ve spent the past two weeks in Montreal at the OutGames. The week before that was a busy six days home after a week of the Gay Games in Chicago. Much to write about, but it will have to wait until I collect my thoughts. Suffice to say, gold and silver medals were won in synchronized swimming, a pair of socks were finished and another started, new friends (one a knitter) were met, long-lost friends found, and places of my past visited.

I’m looking forward to surviving the airport in the early hours of tomorrow, sleeping in my own bed and, most importantly, wrasslin’/kissin’/cuddlin’/runnin’/nappin’ with my little Janie Sparkles (photo courtesy of Pick of the Litter Pet Care).

One Response to “gone fishin’”

  1. Nigel Says:

    Hi Stephen, I’m checking your blog – waiting for new entries with bated breath. Loved meeting you especially our longer visit in Quebec City at Le Drague.

    Since I’ve come home I’ve finished a hat I started just before I left for Montreal. It is the hat in the latest Knitty = the one for bald men. I had planned to give it to a faerie friend of mine, who wasn’t at Faerie coffee yesterday so I still have it. It is so cute that I’ve decided it’s mine.

    I finished it on National Knit in the Park Day. The West Coast Knitting Guild of which I am the first and only male member hosts it each year in Stanley Park. It’s always in August too. I wore it yesterday to our Gayway knitting group where I hang out every Sunday afternoon – leaving Geordie alone as usual on Sunday. He went to the nude beach instead.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and if I get myself a picture with my hat I will send it on to you – when I have an email address to use that is.

    Take care – and you’ve inspired me – I have to buy sock wool for those socks soon or I’ll be crazy. Started another hat for my faerie friend while I get myself organized. It will have skull and crossbones on it – one of his favourite motifs.

    Cheers and keep on knitting