Need(le)less suffering

Well, the second socks are finished, and the next pair (for the Trek Along With Me) are cast on. My desire for a compelling pattern conflicted with the desire for something to knit up from my head, so I’m doing the Simple Socks from Cat Bordhi’s book with an XO cable running down the side.

This is also my first time doing socks with the Magic Loop method. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Financially, it makes sense… about half the price of two needles. However, it just doesn’t seem as fast as two circulars. The needles I got are not Addi-Turbo’s, a change that may be influencing my speed.

I went with bamboo #1s from the brand I learned on (no link, you have to go research that yourself). The joins are NOT good. It’s a challenge resetting the stitches each half round. I had to cast on three times, finally resorting to casting on with the #2 Addi-Turbo and transferring back to the #1s. I considered returning the needles, even though ImagiKnit doesn’t accept returns, because I felt mislead. I clearly discussed my Magic Loop sock goals with one of the employees and (I hope) had she known how difficult the joins make working this, no human in their right mind would recommend this brand. Now, I’m a few inches into the cuff and things seem to be settling into a rhythm.

I’m flying off to Nashville, TN tomorrow for Bonnaroo Music Festival for work. I plan to come home with these Trekking XXL socks finished. Should you see a male knitter with a shaved head, say “hi” and ask him if he’s me. Yes, I’ll take pictures.

3 Responses to “Need(le)less suffering”

  1. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Magic loop….haven’t tried that yet. But I also had this similar problem with 2 socks on 2 circs. Just got myself some new needles and transferred them. Now, they’re okay.

  2. Tara Says:

    Hello, darling Stephen. It has been too many years since you sat behind me and taunted Mr. Bruner and his Soviet Hats with your wonderful witticisms. Would you believe that I am also obsessed with knitting? I would love to reconnect and catch up. Let me know how you’re doing, sweetness…

  3. micah Says:

    I just usted some “rosewood” dpn’s working on some socks and was ready to cry. Oh well, lesson learned.

    Hey, I was searching for finished photo’s of te “hello yarn Cycling-Aran” and found an old post of yours saying “almost done” (…to that effect). Did you ever finish? ….I’d love to see it! I’m thinking of doing it but in different yarn; just moved and money’s tight! Thanks!