wait, haven’t I read that post somewhere before?

yes, you have. many of the posts that are on here originated at MWK is my favorite knitting website ever-ever in the whole wide world. it was launched around the time I started knitting by Darrel, a fellow (at that time) neo-knitter. he also just happened to be local and we quickly hit up an IM friendship which evolved into stalking various knitting nights around San Francisco.

I just imported my past MWK entries to here. I always dreamt of having an URL of my own (as much as I love various web-based blogging softwear) since I started typing stuff into these little boxes for all the world to see back in 2000. as a professional blogger, well, online marketing manager that oversees a multi-author corporate blog (no, I won’t tell you where), it’s high time I got my own space.

how did this come about? good ol’ Darrel, once again. he has a business that does drupal and wordpress hosting and he hooked me up with my own site… easy peasy!

never you worry. I’m not leaving MenWhoKnit. I’ll probably cross-post regularly, but plan on dumping some more personal stuff into this site. if all goes well, will evolve in the spirit of my crafty friend Lisa’s site.

cross your needles and hope for the best.

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