I go, Grrl

This was supposed to be a day off of work, but I’m heading in to the office in a few minutes to continue my first-week productive streak. I’ve spent the morning browsing through the amazing posts at Runagogo.com site, the knitting/running/moving 100 miles by April 1st madness dreamed up by the amazing Rachael of yarnagogo.com and tech-ified by the glamour geek Scout of scoutsswag.com.

I’m honored and proud to be included in this project as one of the “Gogo Grrls” with the role of being the cheerleader and fitness friend. I posted my first Rah-rah post. If you’re at all intrigued by the idea of covering 100 miles in the first 3 months of 2007, please join us! Want to know more, start here. You can run, walk, swim, skate, shimmy or whatever you like.

I hope this weekend, I’m hoping to post some images of my progress on the reknit sock in Scout’s yarn (it’s striping finally, not pooling like a a heat-sensor image from Predator) and my new skein of Lisa Souza Mars Quake! sock yarn. I also have a pair of Knucks with a bajillion ends to weave in for my swim coach.

2 Responses to “I go, Grrl”

  1. jason Says:

    I have been making a pair of knucks and it is a trial to deal with all of the ends.

  2. Isela Says:

    You are an awesome cheerleader–full of energy and great vibe :). Thanks for cheering us all on 🙂