Flying French Bulldog

I was a bad dog-father over this past week and a half. Although I was off work since 12/22 until today’s lethargic return, I didn’t take out Janie Sparkles on daily romping adventures. She was walked, mind you, just not given proper off-leash time.

So for the first day of the new year, I only had four goals:

  • take Janie for a walk,
  • go for a run,
  • pay the bills
  • and write in a paper journal.

Our visit to the gayest dog run (smack-dab in the Castro) was interrupted by a call from Bibby’s mommy who invited us to Chrissy Field. They were going to be there until sundown, so me and Ms. Sparkles hopped back into the car and returned home. I busted out a lumbering 3.1455 mile run and then we were off to pick up the man and hit the beach.

In addition to terrorizing Bibby every time her retrieved a ball from the water, my little girl stole tennis ball from a cute two-month old puppy. As you can see, she has a long way to go in the manners department.

One Response to “Beachin’”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Dogs will be dogs! I love mine but she thinks she is a giant dog. Little does she know that she is an 18 pound minature poodle. She nails birds at the bird feeder! I stopped feeding the birds because she thought this was a great sport just for her!