31 days

Happy New Year, gentle readers!

I’m less than two hours away from the end of 2007’s first day. And, although I’m trying not to make hard and fast resolutions (since they often get broken and are based in a sense of lack or unsatisfaction), I made some symbolic gestures towards starting anew today. Before I go into that, I want to explain the last month of posts.

I hadn’t been a regular poster here, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. I had heard of the Holidailies thanks to my friend Lola. I considered doing it in an unofficial capacity in previous years and blogs, but that good intention didn’t amount to much more than a couple of days. As you may have noticed, I managed 30 posts last month. Not bad, eh? It’s the equivalent of fiber for bloggers.

It wasn’t alway the most compelling content, but my goal was just to prove to myself that I could do it. Put you mind to something and there you go! Not that I needed to learn that lesson again, but ain’t it fun to prove that anything’s possible?

So what might this year hold for me?

  • Rachael‘s call to arms/feet of running 100 miles before April Fool’s Day,
  • a moleskine scribbled into daily in the spirit of Embodiment,
  • a bunch of socks, sweaters and hats knit—my own designs, some classics (the year I get to know EZ), vintage and whatever else comes along,
  • and, perhaps once a month, a new restaurant, a new recipe, a new book, a new adventure here or elsewhere.

May today mark the beginning of the best year of your life.

3 Responses to “31 days”

  1. scout Says:

    Oh good. More posts from you!

    I am doing the running thing too and made a button for it.



  2. Isela Says:

    I just ordered some moleskin notebooks today :)…they are my very first. I would like to start a journal.

    I love your last resolution/goal.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Ann Says:

    Good luck in your goals for 2007. Hmmm…moleskin notebooks? I need to Google.