Happy Janie-versary!


It was one year ago today that Ms. Janie Sparkles joined our home. At the risk of overloading this blog with cuteness and dog photos, I promise to write more knitting content soon. I’m closing in on the toe of my first Scout’s Swag custom-dyed sock.


Inspired by Lime & Violet, I’m considering “running” my own Sock Marathon, knitting through my mileage of sock yarn. Compared to some of the stashes I’ve seen, I’m not even a high school cross-country sprinter with a measly 2 miles of yardage. I’d be happy to get through 4 pairs, plus the Socks that Rock club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. (That’s 10 this year, don’t hold me to that.)

Work was a beast this week. In addition to my absence here, I’ve been quiet at Runagogo. Off to go do that and/or get a run in. After a week of no running, my foot’s feeling much better.

(Thanks to Peephole for the inspiring this post’s title. You look so fetching in that Hallowig!)

6 Responses to “Happy Janie-versary!”

  1. scout Says:

    I don’t like you being quiet! I’ve missed you!

    The sock looks great. Does it fit??

  2. Skylar Says:

    Just found your site! Love it! Cutest doggie face EVER!

  3. Franklin Says:

    I’m trying to knit down my pile of sock yarn, too. Happily I just had a week of incredibly dull lectures at work and was able to surreptitiously get 3/4 of sock done in the back row…

    Congratulations to Miss Janie and the whole household.

  4. Eikon Says:

    Eli the pooch likes your pup. whenever he sees a picture he comes and lick my screen.

  5. Ginny Says:

    Where are ya? I know that constant blogging can be hard to prioritize…but I miss you!

  6. Eikon Says:

    Long time … No Post…. 🙂