What I’ve been doing


It’s not like I’ve been sitting here and picking my nose, ignoring my blog. I’ve been sitting at work picking my nose, not blogging. Don’t feel left out, I haven’t been writing over at Runagogo.com, nor have I been running!

Sure, work’s been busy, but when isn’t it? It’s the nature of busy-ness. The new month offers a chance for a new beginning. But, before I rush into the future, let’s look back at the first month of 2007.

I have tried a new restaurant, Sebo (or on Yelp.com) with my dear friend M. Great, fresh fish, but TINY nigiri! I won’t be running back anytime soon, unless it’s with my neighbor who’s gotten friendly with one of the chefs.


Speaking of food, I enjoyed some amazing eats on a business trip to New Orleans. Here’s breakfast from a po’ boy place down the street from our hotel. It wasn’t business as usual. In lieu of sending people abroad to work with Habitat for Humanity (like my 2005 trip to Poland), we’re going to send people to the Big Easy. In addition to the local H4H, we met with Common Ground Relief, Acorn and Emergency Communities. All are doing amazing work, and so needed. The magnitude of the devastation that remains 17+ months later cannot be described. If you can, donate, get your butt down there or find a way to help out. It’s more than a tragedy, it’s a national disgrace. Luckily, people are coming together to make things right. I hope to head back there, myself.


Knitting-wise, I’ve finished one of my Scout’s Swag socks, and I’m closing in on the toe of the second. Photos upon finishing. I started a scarf, but I’m not proud of that (a variation on a certain drop-stitch sensation that everyone and her mother did a year or two back—MdV, I’m so ashamed). I am proud of finishing and gifting the Knucks for my synchro team coach (Tsunami Tsynchro). She’s a knitter too, so she appreciates all the finishing required by that embroidery.

Speaking of said coach, Dr. S. (she’s a physicist) and I swung by Stash to say hello to Ms. Vickie Howell. Still cute as a button and rocking some killer shoes. I wish I could have stayed longer to chat… next time?

There’s a snoring puppy (who turned 3 today) and a snoring boyfriend next to me on the couch. I should go walk them before we head off to bed.

Thanks for your kind words during my absence.

7 Responses to “What I’ve been doing”

  1. Mel Says:

    Well, so long as you’re saving the nose-picking for where it belongs….

    Of course, now you’ve gone and made me hungry for grits and eggs. I s’pose I’m a have to stop by the store on my way home from work.

  2. Mel Says:

    Oh, and happy birthday to Miss Janie Sparkles, of course!

  3. Isela Says:

    Well, you are putting your time to good use ;). You have been missed.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    *sigh* Oh, Steve, I’m so very disappointed that you’re knitting that drop-stitch thing. It’s a good pattern, yes, but aren’t there enough Clapotises (-ii? Whatever) in the world? Next, you’ll be making Fetching and Calorimetry so that you can have the whole Trifecta of Overdone. Your Clap had better be fabulous, that’s all I’m saying.

  5. beverly Says:

    Love the knucks! I was a synchronized swimmer when I was a girl…you make me want to look for a “grown up” team to join!

  6. Mom Says:

    Lovely photo, Son !!

  7. Eikon Says:

    Damnable Knucks I’m still on my first one.