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This is gonna hurt

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

I just worked out with a new trainer here. (You knew we had a gym here, right?) It was the first time I’ve exerted myself more than resisting a certain French bulldog’s tugging at the leash since Labor day. That was my last run. And I haven’t swum in, um, forever. So much for Run-a-go-go, eh?

A two or so mile warm-up on the treadmill and a series of stability ball squats and lunges and core stabalizations and planks and some bi- and triceps thrown in for good measure. I can only imagine how I’m going to feel tomorrow. A surefire way to make it hurt less would be to get out and go for a little 3-mile jaunt with the ol’ iPod at 7am. The stress of my workday usually keeps me from making time for a workout. But, as I’ve said before, these are the times I need it most. And tomorrow, I’ll need it mentally AND physically.

Think I can do it?

Monday, October 15th, 2007

It’s October 15, 2007.
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Blog about the environment. Do something for the earth.

Can you take one less car trip today? Ride your bike for a short trip instead of driving? Sorry for being redundant (yes, I mentioned it Friday!).

At you can plug in your address and get a Google map that shows you what’s within 2 miles of your home. And the map opens with my office address (if you ever wondered where in Berkeley I work).

Feel free to share on your blog.

Brancusi heelflap

Friday, October 12th, 2007

I’ve been reknitting the Brancusi sock on finer yarn, smaller needles and more stitches. It’s changed how the overall pattern looks, and for the better. I’ve since turned the heel and started decreasing for the toe after breakfast this morning.

This blurry photograph was taken on the plane to Vegas, two weeks ago. It was a 24-hour jaunt for work to go to Interbike to witness the launching of our latest program: 2 Mile Challenge.

What is it? It’s a challenge to ride your bike for trip under 2 miles: to coffee, to dinner, to the store or to a friend’s house. 40% of US urban trips are 2 miles or less; and 90% of those trips are driven in a car.

Learn more at

Future present

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
BoA new ATM

So, last night, I experienced the cutting edge… at an ATM machine.

I had to deposit some checks and, lo, and behold, there was a new-fangled ATM at my local Bank o’ America. It didn’t require envelopes, in fact, there were none. No, this new machinery takes the frustrating task of licking envelopes that sit out in public AND the challenge of addition has been abolished! Instead, it just sucks in each check as-is, I verify it, then it asks for another!

From what I read in their press releases, if I had had cash, these new “deposit image” ATMs can take a stack of up to 40 bills at once and count them for you. If only I carried that many Washington’s! As you can see, they then print digital images of the deposited checks on the receipt itself.

Does your bank have this? I head heard of Wells Fargo doing it, but until I used it, I didn’t get its magic! Is it me, or is this totally Jetsons?

Hellishly clever

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Did you see the Knitty Surprise for this month? That’s my kind of knitting.

I may convert the pattern to use the excess amounts of chunky wool I have… who doesn’t need some Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired knits?

Me sighting

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Proof that I am indeed alive. Had breakfast with Sean and Mr. Man this morning, followed by a hipster latte. It was nice to roll around on city streets in the morning.

Work has been such that I haven’t felt like writing, nor running, nor knitting. Luckily, I’m off to knit this afternoon and I’ll post pictures to prove it.

Round 4

Monday, October 1st, 2007

I was hoping to make this year my return to a healthy relationship with running. No longer content with just swimming, I wouldn’t mind getting out in the the fresh air and beating the pavement with my own two feet. Not that I want to return to mega-mileage races, I wouldn’t mind making it a natural part of my life.

All though I eek’ed in 100 miles (counting dog walks) in Round 1, I haven’t made it even halfway in either Round 2 or 3. Today starts the 4th round of Run-a-go-go, Rachael‘s fabulous idea (and Scout‘s blog-tastic community building and Adam‘s funky programming skillz). Wanna go 100 miles between today and December 31st?

Runnin' Rhino - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
In perfect timing, printed a lil’ bit of inspiration today. Sadly, it’s sold out in a Men’s M, so it’s gonna have to be a large for me. It’ll match the new ‘do. Even sadlier, I didn’t get outside today.

How come you can never get the runs when you want ’em?

Until further notice

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Wow, I didn’t mean to open up such a big can of worms by discussing that message. I think I’ve received more comments on that than on any knitting or pictures of Janie Sparkles! Thank you all for seeing fit to weigh in on the state of my undress.

I want to tip my hat (or needles?) to the writer of the message for sharing her thoughts and the entirety of her message (see Chickadee in the previous posts’ comments). I was conflicted how to respond initially, so I posted that confusion here. I didn’t want to create an environment of bashing. I want to apologize to her publicly, for calling into question her values and implying that it was about Christianity with my “WWyouD?”. She is a volunteer editor at ravelry, helping to create our online community, and more importantly, she’s another knitter… and I love knitters.

Hers was a request about a photo. It’s a cheeky photo (though no bum was showing) and obviously meant to provoke—a smile or a laugh. She laughed at it, much like we all may laugh at the cover of Amy Singer’s No Sheep for You (who incidentally, correct me if I’m wrong, Amy, isn’t IN LOVE with that cover). Thank you to Claire for pointing out the similarities, although that model is better lit than I was, darn flash!

To cut to the chase, the nekkid me will stay. Jess and Casey know about it (though she hasn’t responded yet to Sunday’s email.) Back in May, in an email about my designer page, Jess joked, “ps- I am sure your parents will love that your name is attached to your patterns
but the real questions is, what will they think of your avatar? haha” My intention is playful and silly, not lewd or sexualized.

What’s been great about this whole incident is seeing how much people care. I love the passion that’s in our community and our diversity. Thanks for putting your feelings out there. It’s great to know so many of you “got my back” whether it’s clothed or not. And, thank you, Chickadee, for opening my mind a bit and focusing on the positive:

I’m really looking forward to cooler temps and loads of quality knitting time. I also hope to make many new friends here and through Ravelry.

Knit to your heart’s content!

Lest you fear I’ve gone all Kum By Yah, here’s a little Southpark (consider yourself warned!):
The lesson learned from all of this? Don’t be afraid to speak your truth, and don’t be afraid to listen. Let’s not silence or squelch any opinions.

Goodness knows what’s come out of my mouth! (but nothing as bad as this—fully-clothed, non-sexual NSFW; if only I had that grace and composure!)

What the flock?

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

So, I’ve got this other photo. You know the one, me knitting in the bathtub, but without the towel? Yeah, the one with more of my flesh than you’ve ever needed to see? Silly is how I describe it, although I sarcastically called it provocative in a previous post.

I use it as my avatar on ravelry. Tonight, I received an email kindly requesting me to change that picture. While the writer states that she “hope(s) not to offend,” she continues, citing the community guidelines:

ravelry is for all ages:
No naked avatars! Naughty bits will get your avatar turned off.

My avatar is 100×100 pixels. That’s it—tiny. While nudity is implied, no bits are showing. I’ve written Jess for her opinion, but I wanted to open it up to y’all.

  • Should I switch the pic to one enshrouded by a towel?
  • Should I chalk up her request and opinion as an extension of her self-proclaimed values (gleaned from her profile and blog title—no links, play nice, kids).
  • Should I stand my ground, by which I mean stay seated in the tub, and keep it up?

I am not flaming her. Nor do I wish anyone to contact her regarding her opinions… it is a free country and knitting is a diverse community. She and I are different ages, live in different parts of the country and have different beliefs.

Besides, she was otherwise very friendly, complimenting my messenger bag design. She admitted to laughing at the photo (which is something I’ve heard again and again from strangers on ravelry), and joked about the trend it could start of less desirable bathtub portraits.


Best part of my day

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Two posts in one day?

It was not a good day, eating-wise. I had my regular breakfast (coffee, soft-boiled egg, bowl of cereal), but meetings at work didn’t let me eat lunch.

Instead, I finished off a can of Pringles, had a few handfuls of dry-roasted almonds and, one of my personal favorite snackfoods, Combos, both pretzel and cracker versions, stuffed with cheddar cheese filling.

eat crap = feel like crap
(an equation I still haven’t learned to avoid)

Luckily, I had a tasty little dinner. Grilled Ahi tuna, surrounded by a caprese salad and a tzatziki. Both sides contained organic veggies from my box. Beat that, Top Chef!

Hope you had a delicious day!