Bath time!

You’d think with a title like that, I’d be posting about my dog. Alas, I’m not. We did give Ms. Janie Sparkles a bath last night, her first in a few weeks. Tonight, I decided to indulge in a bath of my own for the first time in this place. Why did I wait over a year and a half to try out the tub?

I’m rocking the babushka in case my Mom is reading. If you wander over to, you’ll see a more provocative photo, but not that provocative!

What’s better than knitting by candlelight in a bath while listening to Cast On? (Feel better, Brenda!) The relaxing was followed by a home-cooked meal that contained not one, not two, but three veggies from the organic CSA box from a local farm. Baked potatoes, brocolli, and my famous 5-minute beets (shredded beets tossed in melted butter, covered after 1/4 of water to steam for 5 minutes, salt, pepper and a glob of sour cream or yogurt).

Tomorrow, I’ll be baking the dough that’s chilling over by the warmish radiator. Maybe some pea soup to accompany the bread?

6 Responses to “Bath time!”

  1. sean Says:

    LOL…those are great pictures. Thanks for the diversion!

  2. scout Says:

    This just almost made me spit out my espresso.

  3. Paul Says:

    Gee, I never even thought about KNITTING in the bath. I usually read…

  4. Isela Says:

    hehehe, you are so darn adorable! I love the towel over your head, hehehe.

  5. TrickyTricot Says:

    That picture actually is pretty provocative! The sight of the thigh….hmmmmmm. You look so young and boyish!

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    […] So, I’ve got this other photo. You know the one, me knitting in the bathtub, but without the towel? Yeah, the one with more of my flesh than you’ve ever needed to see? Silly is how I describe it, although I sarcastically called it provocative in a previous post. […]