Best part of my day


Two posts in one day?

It was not a good day, eating-wise. I had my regular breakfast (coffee, soft-boiled egg, bowl of cereal), but meetings at work didn’t let me eat lunch.

Instead, I finished off a can of Pringles, had a few handfuls of dry-roasted almonds and, one of my personal favorite snackfoods, Combos, both pretzel and cracker versions, stuffed with cheddar cheese filling.

eat crap = feel like crap
(an equation I still haven’t learned to avoid)

Luckily, I had a tasty little dinner. Grilled Ahi tuna, surrounded by a caprese salad and a tzatziki. Both sides contained organic veggies from my box. Beat that, Top Chef!

Hope you had a delicious day!

7 Responses to “Best part of my day”

  1. Mel Says:

    I still have trouble with the avoiding crap thing, too. The carbs, they are addicting, no? I actually think I’d do okay if I could just stay out of the workplace, since this is where all the crap appears to tempt me.

  2. Eikon Says:

    I’ve found since breaking up I eat a lot less and cook less because I don’t want to just make a meal for myself. It makes for boring culinary selections. The tuna looks lovely. Fish in the midwest frightens me just a little…

  3. Ginger Says:

    Don’t worry about the crap food, the stuff you eat sounds like that our Mum usually does. In a week, Mum consumes 2 packets of 500g potato chips, 1 family bar chocolate, 1 tub of 1 litre ice cream, and not to mention the odd packets of M&Ms here and there. We guess she’ll suffer one day and at 50kg, she’s way, way too heavy compared to us! But the “crap food” does make Mum feel great. Comfort food she says. And compared to us, she says we eat crap anyway (well, in one of our very early post in our Blog, we talked about that but I will spare mentioning the practice here).

    The meal looks awesome!
    I wish we were given the chance to try human food, you know, dogs do get that treat sometimes… argh…

  4. scout Says:

    I want that for dinner tonight. NOW!

  5. Cece Says:

    Damn it, do I love combos.

    My birthday was on Tuesday, and I have been living on leftover cake. I also feel like shit.

  6. Eric Says:

    Dinner looks amazing!
    The dog is hilarious.
    Sucks about the car. Next year, take a cab.

  7. patti Says:

    I hate to admit, but whenever I go on a road trip, I HAVE to have Combos. The cheddar cheese pretzel ones. If they don’t have those, nacho cheese pretzel ones will do. But at least you had an awesome dinner!