A sweet Sunday

Here’s what six hours of chocolate looks like.

It’s than time of year again, where I test my own sweet tooth’s endurance with a Marathon chocolate making session with Felice and Suzanne. Have been the Xmas recipient of these handmade goodies, I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of it four years ago. Every year, we get together to temper, ganâche, mold and dip. I guess it’s a holiday tradition.

If you run into me between now and 2013, chances are I’ll have a few truffles to spare. Having spent this much time with tens of ponds of chocolate, I don’t really feel the need or desire to hoarde them all to myself.

After a day like today, I can barely touch the stuff.

One Response to “A sweet Sunday”

  1. Willyg Says:

    As if caramels weren’t enough! Now you have to taunt me with chocolates! They look scrumptious.