Worth a thousand words?

Everyone seems to be up in arms over the new Instagram terms of service. I am as well.

It’s disappointing to see how being purchased by Facebook has made them turn away from their users and towards the gods of profit and advertising. We have until January 16 to take amazing pictures before the changes go into effect. After that date, they can use your new photos for any old purpose they’d like and not tell you. Heck, they can make money off pictures of my dogs and loaves of bread and I’d never know. Not cool.

I’m bummed, as Instagram has become my go-to social media distraction. I enjoy digesting friends lives and sharing snippets of my own with a quick phone picture. Square images are a fine way to frame memories. I’ve shot more because I enjoy the quick hit of clicking and tapping to like friends photos.

I’ve posted many an Instagram photo here, although I guess it’s never replaced the tried and true Flickr account that’s doubled as my storage and posting tool. However, I never immersed myself into Flickr’s community. Instagram feels more pedestrian or common than Flickr. A bit more connected and less technically formal.

I wonder how Flickr will benefit from this corporate misstep? Their new app certainly has generated a bit of buzz and a flurry of new contacts. I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Feel free to find me on Flickr and I’ll see of I can take my picture making a bit more seriously.

One Response to “Worth a thousand words?”

  1. steven a. Says:

    yes! come back into the warm embrace of flickr’s bosom