Four to six weeks

It’s high time I post about knitting, eh? Here’s my third lopapeysa. Number two is striped with many different colors of wool, therefore has a lot of ends awaiting their weaving in.

Thus guy (Sátt from Lopi 29) was started on November 2nd. It would have been done within the month of November, had I not left the sleeves in San Francisco when we drove up to Eugene for thanksgiving weekend. Late nights at work also ate into knitting time, so there were days at a time without touching it. Luckily, it was a simple stockinette sprint and mighty mindless.

It’s not me modeling the sweater. It’s Chris. I made the sweater for him, starting the day we landed back from Iceland. I figure I’m safe from any boyfriend curse as we are technically married and have survived a decade and change. Part of me secretly hoped it would be too small for him so I could keep it for myself. I trust that it will suit him just fine, and if I need to borrow it, I’m sure he’d oblige.

Before I begin another one, I’d really like to get lopapeysa #2 all sewn up. It’s been months and I have yet to reap the fruits of that labor. The inside looks like a fringed Cher costume, with the mane of loose ends from all the colors.

Furthermore, it’d be more prudent to swatch for a new design idea, rather than knit someone else’s work. There have been so many brewing that need to get out of my head and onto some needles. I have a vested interest in creating original work once again.

One Response to “Four to six weeks”

  1. Willyg Says:

    The sweater looks great on Chris. Congrats on making it this far, and all the best for many years yet to come!