A new perspective – that new month smell

There’s nothing deep about the title of this post. It’s a simple fact about the photograph. Typically, we sit with out back to this view, staring at the TV. I rarely even sit this way to knit. It’s pretty as a picture, this cityscape. Kind of a waste, huh?

We’re lucky enough to have windows along this side of the apartment. So, the kitchen and entry/bike parking area have the same amount of windows and look out on the same freeway on-ramp. It’s got direct light in the morning, but as the sun travels through the sky, we get this happy illumination that keeps our light switches off until the sun goes down. I love me some natural light.

Just moving myself around the apartment and parking myself in a different orientation is almost as good as shuffling furniture around. Who needs new items or to redecorate when you can just pick a new seat? It feels fresh and makes me appreciate our home anew. Good thing we haven’t gotten rid of this couch. Janie tends to be its main resident.

In a similar vein, we changed the sheets on the bed last night. That always leads to a restful night’s sleep. Not as sterile and crispy as a hotel, but a luxury nonetheless. Taut cotton, still warm from the dryer, is a sensation that I deny myself too frequently. In other words, I really should change the be more often. Even Janie revels in a clean bed. She stayed upstairs snoozing until noon today.

I hope I experience the same positive symptoms at my new desk at office. We sit at long tables, three people across face-to-face with colleagues. Since I started, I’ve sat across from the PR director who has fast became one of my closest peeps. (We can often be seen holding hands as we head upstairs to get a snack.) The other people at my table are two teammates, a PR manager and the goldfish (or Dan Germain from Innocent Drinks for the week he was with us).

On Friday, I moved one table over, towards the middle of the room, away from my boss and the lovely graphic designer kids (and home of my other favorite peep who’s going to be an exchange student in London at Dan’s office). The reason? To get me and my two colleagues at the same table as our other two teammates. Now the party of five sits together. We’ve been wanting this since December, so rah-rah for completion.

I hope the new view results in a more productive me. There’s plenty to do, and the sooner I get more of it done, the earlier I can leave and give some time to things I’ve neglected. I need more boundaries so I can claim more free time for me, Chris and Janie. With more free time, or personal time, I can get more stuff done that I dream of: bread baking, designing, knitting other people’s patterns, organizing the house, etc. And then I won’t be craving new perspectives (like this weekend’s obsession with getting a sibling for Janie).

Today I twatted that 12 months ago, I had no idea what kind of ride this year would be. (I was mostly worried about Sock Summit). It’s been a doozy and I don’t know where the roller coaster is going next.

I know where I want it to go… but we’ll see. Happy August.

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