Never enough time

My sister is flying through San Francisco on her way home from Philly and Boston. She just walked 60+ miles for breast cancer. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Unfortunately, I can’t run out to the airport to give hug and visit she deserves. Between the drive there and back followed by a bike ride from home to the office, the time just isn’t there. What’s frustrating is the number of times she’s done it for me at SEA. Then again, her work is less than two miles from that airport.

Life is all about timing, huh? Schedules need to mesh, people need to be there and opportunity is a fickle mistress. Luckily, I’ll know this “chance” rendezvous will come around again.

Family is a destination, not an accident. Seeing her tomorrow would have just been an extra-special day. I know I’ll be headed north and we’ll make it happen next time. Time is what we make it. This time, I made one choice. There will be other choices.

Oh, and the tattoo? Her high school boyfriend put a pretty botanical piece on her shoulder and our aunt got a matching sprig of the same plant on her wrist and outside of her hand. Lesbians are wacky like that. Seriously, although I haven’t any ink myself, I can understand how sweet it is for them to bond and share the experience.

Maybe me and Janie Sparkles should make time to get matching tattoos?

One Response to “Never enough time”

  1. beckyhoho Says:

    Oh Chikohn you made me cry!!! (mom cried too.)
    Thank you 🙂
    I love that we have more frequent possible meetings since i’m on the west coast, even when they don’t always fit our schedules.

    David, his art, him, amazing. I am so honored to sport McCall work….can you see there are 2 spiders on it? That’s me and grandma, the holly is for Hollingsworth, etc etc family. We lesbinees are a bit crazy with tattoos, and David said he’d love to do your first if you ever got one. We spent all day with him.