Thank you, SF

…for being such a great city, even with your wintery summers.

…for your new fascination with street food, mobile micro restaurants, and great food, like Hapa Ramen and their organic, noodle-y, sous-vide eggy, yumminess.

…for your progressive animal shelters, like the SF SPCA who’s hosting a 72-hour adopt-a-thon (and playing on social media to get the word out) to give 72 animals new forever homes. It was great to see so many dogs before tomorrow night, including Hot Cookie.

…for hosting an incarnation of Renegade Craft Fair and giving creativity, inspiration and art as commerce a place to exist. Not to mention an opportunity to run into friends and coworkers, old and new, shopping snd selling including Lisa, Clay and Wilfredo.

..for coming into your own in this so-called third-wave of coffee roasting and preparation. I consider myself lucky to live within walking distance of Sightglass Coffee, home of my favorite espresso drinks and a wonderful place for Janie Sparkles to meet other Frenchies.

…for just being you and giving me a wonderful Saturday.

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