Watch out, Sailors!

This is what we see from our kitchen as we’re making coffee. By we, I mean my wife, Mr. Man. On Friday, it was a spectacular sunrise that I’ve been meaning to share with y’all. The sky flamed through a range of colors before it awoke into the bright, clear morning.

They’ve predicted three days of rain since Friday, but we’ve been lucky with just a few downpours and mild gray blahs. Not that I’d mind, I’m still overrun with this cold, so I have no business being outside, regardless of weather. Swim practice saw me sitting on the side of the pool trying to coach people into a joined move in a circle.

I napped this afternoon after a gesture towards cleaning up the house that only resulted in recycling two bags of free magazines (brought home from work over the years). I suffered through the swim team’s holiday party, but I had a sock to keep me company: finished the heel flap, turned it and completed the gusset.

In the spirit of good blogging intentions, IOU photos of my step-outs from KG. I need to finish the cleaning job begun today and put the half-finished away, but not before capturing them for posterity.

Now, I have to get back to my tea before bed.

(Mr. Man has taken a whole series of morning photos if you’re in the mood for pretty SF skies and urban landscapes.)

5 Responses to “Watch out, Sailors!”

  1. Dead Slow Says:

    Wow, that guy is an awesome photographer. You should let him spend more time on Flickr.

  2. Paul Says:

    The Morning Coffee Photos are incredible! What amazing colors. The main page for this set of pics looks like a gorgeous quilt. Awesome!

  3. scout Says:

    Those pictures are amazing.

    Wanna come over and watch Peter Pan with my sick kids and have me spoil you all day by fetching you whatever you want? I’ve already been to Starbucks for Izze’s and Lemon Loaf…..

  4. Eikon Says:

    All we get out our fron window is snow. I feel like a queer conestoga wagon halted on my journey west 🙂 Pretty pictures.

  5. Elemmaciltur Says:

    That photo is breathtaking!