10, 9, 8, 7

Only 10 minutes left in the day for me to get a post in. Just got home from our here, the locattion of our holiday party. Think fast, mister…

I didn’t get Scout love in the form of sock yarn today because they never processed the mail at work. That’s my most reliable shipping address.

Tonight was our company’s holiday party and they sent everyone home after lunch and our surprise guest speaker. It was Al Gore. Yeah, that Al Gore. Sadly I have no pictures to prove it, but I did pul lthe curtain back for him and take his jacket after his speech before the Q&A.

We’ve had Julia “Butterfly” Hill and Michael Pollan, but I’d never expect the former next president of the United States!

2 Responses to “10, 9, 8, 7”

  1. scout Says:

    Damn! So that means you can’t get it until Monday? Can you go break the doors down and demand your swag?!?

    How far are you from Burbank? I think you need to take off another day of work and come up and hang out with me…..

  2. Eikon Says:

    Where do you work? I’ve only seen him twice through the machinations of academia and the Young Democrats nd going to undergrad in DC the nest of politicians past, present , and future.