Still snotty…

…meaning congested. Being judgemental is a permanent condition (ask Scout). I feel a bit better than I did at this time last night, but I suspect I’ll have another few mornings of sore throats and phlegm before this is gone.

Today was the all-day portion of our day-and-a-half company meeting. Now, I don’t mention my company’s name here, but those who know or write me mostly likely know where I work. Suffice to say, it’s a pretty damn cool place. I’m the online marketing department, just a meager manager-level position, nothing too fancy—only me and my staff of one. It’s a friendly place and we get along super well with one another. I’m well-liked and well-known, and not just for being the wacky gay guy who knits (just a few rows on a heel flap in the minimal downtime of the day).

Nonetheless, it’s been a tad stressful this past week rehearsing with the CEO (a lovely woman), the VP of HR (a fabulously biting and dry wit) and working out all the sound, light and stage cues. Knowing the owners and 177 co-workers would be sitting in our auditorium to witness the production made the stakes seem that much higher. When today ended with a sushi and sake/beer/soda hour, I was proud of how the day went and relieved that all the bigwigs and smallwigs were happy with the day. (And it was nice to have sushi!)

In addition to a review of a killer year, an inspirational address about dreams, company awards, a lunch that’s made me farty, videos that ranged from a fancy commercial-esque piece that kicked off the day to a silly, fun-filled recap of events and such, we watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Bad leftie that I am (and our company is based in Berkeley!), I hadn’t seen it yet. While I’ve learned a lot about global warming through programs we sponsor (carbon offsets, recycling, composting, worm bins, organic ingredients, sustainabililty, biodiesel, alternative energy, etc.), it was still inspiring. Please rent the DVD if you haven’t already seen it. But, what impacted me more, was how sexy it made Apple Powerbooks look (and Treos).

[It also made me want to go to Mac World next year so I can make such pretty presentations. All of my audio-visual-digital has been self-taught. Trial and error has been the motif for all the mixing/music cutting, podcasting, and video editing. While I could get work to pay for such training (and my work would benefit), wouldn’t it be fun to add some more pizazz to these here Internet tubes?]

Enough about me… please learn how you can make a difference.

One Response to “Still snotty…”

  1. scout Says:

    Ha! *looks around to see if you mean ME*

    I saw Al on Oprah the other day and made T. and the kids re-watch it when he got home. I think it’s important for everyone to see exactly how, as an individual, you really can make a difference. It seems like that’s one of the strongest messages taken away from the movie. Okay, I’m being too damn serious for 7:30am.