Short & sweet

‘Twas a productive weekend… the sock should be finished by week’s end (I really need to branch out into another pattern) and the newly designed object (a gift-to-be and perhaps a submission) is coming along nicely. Photos when I’m done…

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post, but ignore the first one… that’s the photographer himself vying for more time to be spent in the Guess where SF flickr pool.

Our view is so different from the sky shots I see on Paul and Dave’s blogs. Their east coast winter silhouettes are part of my childhood. My mild and moist Northern California hues seem so out of place at this time of year.

Ugg. I’m so not ready for the holidays.

One Response to “Short & sweet”

  1. scout Says:

    What holidays? Oh shit….yeah….I need to start shopping at some point. In all of my free time. /sarcasm.