Thanks so much for the comments! You make me want to write more… if only I were knitting something to write about! Man-on-man knitting love to:

This weekend I’ll try to get up a knitting blog links in my sidebar ’cause I want to link you fine fellows (and a few other knitters I read).

Oh, and a little note-to-self for an sock I’d like to design: inspired by Spun Magazine’s pattern (found via Whip Up—handcraft in a hectic world), I want to make a more handsome and higher-ankled male geisha sock for chilly NorCal flip-flop wearing in earth tone colorways.

3 Responses to “Shucks”

  1. Elemmaciltur Says:

    *LOL* thanks! I still need to write to menknit to get myself on their blogroll. :p

  2. TrickyTricot Says:

    Um, those socks are weird. There’s something very creepy about them. But if you like, then – rock on…

  3. Stephen Says:

    Trust me, my socks won’t look as creepy as those anklet things. I wouldn’t wear them with shorts. Back when I was an ultra runner, a pair of five-toed socks served me well as a blister preventative. And, don’t ninjas wear toed socks? I just want to be a kninja…