And, we’re back.

Sock it to meWell, that was a surprisingly long lull between posts. You get a dog, you work life explodes, you stop knitting completely, and then you stop writing.

But then there’s a three-day weekend, which was supposed to be a five-day vacation to Eugene, OR to visit your partner’s parents. Due to overdue crap at work, you reschedule your flight to a day later and fly up on Friday morning, joining said partner who flew up the day before. After writing a few emails in the airport at 6:40am, there’s not really any more work you can do on the plane, so you bust out your knitting. Sheer bliss for the short flight and all weekend long.

A return to my first sock, from Cat Bordhi. When I last left the sock, it was time to begin the toe. Just 2″ or so to go. It’s done and and I’m an inch into the cuff of its partner. It feels great to be back.

That’s me in the photo, waiting for BART from the airport. I’m wearing the aran sweater I got at last year’s Stitches West from Philospher’s Wool. I wanted to knit a classic, and I ended up with a beauty with sleeves a smidge too long. Oh well, it keeps me warm.

Two things kept me sane throughout the past month:

3 Responses to “And, we’re back.”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hey there.
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures from the Project Runway collections. Anything I can do to keep your sane I’m happy to do.
    Glad to see you back and in the swing of things.
    I just picked up Bordhi’s Second Magickal collection. Loving it.

  2. TrickyTricot Says:

    Great to have you back Stephen… we missed you!

    I of course, am doing more reading of blogs than writing them, but what else is new. Great photos in that flickr link, btw.

  3. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Great to see this blog back into life!