a woman of great taste

Janie and Lisa (a lobster in a dog in a bird in the hand's arms…and I’m not just talking about my dog. The ever-inspirational Lisa came over for Chris’ delicious crab enchilladas and a little Tivo’d Project Runway. Rest assured, I’m now caught up.

What she failed to mention in her post/photographic ode to Ms. Janie Sparkles, is the tasty hot chocolate that was our dessert. Luckily, she did snap a photo of it on her flickr.com photostream.

A social night, great food, dog love and I’m heading to bed before midnight? It’s been a perfect evening.

update: photo added 03.05.06

One Response to “a woman of great taste”

  1. emmalola Says:

    I’m just jealous. That’s all.