No photography please

Wicked me. This is the ceiling of The Orpheum theater. Photography was not allowed there. It was my first time seeing Wicked. It wasn’t Wicked good, but nor was it Misérable(s).

2 Responses to “No photography please”

  1. Naomi Belle Says:

    I love this shot. I should do the same the next time I am in our own Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver.

    There’s no photography allowed there either but – hey – what are cameras for?

  2. Janice Says:

    Awesome shot…that place is wild! When we were there last spring, we saw several people get reprimanded for taking photos, but, you almost have to…

    We’re going to Wicked on the 13th. (I did NOT notice that you were unimpressed…la la la la can’t hear you)