I haven’t really updated the look of this site much since I launched the domain. Tweaked the words in the sidebar, here and there, but that’s it.

Back in 2009, while watching a documentary about the font Helvetica, the idea for a hizknits logo came to me. I sketched it out for a friend and designer at work, and within less than an hour, I had my own visual identity! Mark is responsible for adding in the “bathroom” guy and making the whole thing look amazing.

Just as my knitting has progressed from my first 2×2 chunky hat back in 2004, it was time to remove the old photo-based banner (which was a detail of that first hat). I’ve finally changed the header to “my” logo. If you view the non-mobile version of this site (not in an RSS feed), you can see what I’m talking about in the upper right corner.

Never would I have predicted where knitting has taken me, who it’s brought into my life and whether I’d be still doing it after starting in 2004. But I’m sure glad it done all that and more.

Here’s to at least eight more years!

One Response to “Logo-gical”

  1. Zach (aka superi on rav) Says:

    New logo looking good!