Side Bar

Started many weeks ago, but only now getting around to putting it up.

  1. Open up a text editor.
  2. Start a simple list.
  3. Continue jotting things down throughout the day.
  4. Maybe snap a photo at some point.
  5. At the day’s end, cut and paste the whole shebang.
  6. Call it a blog post.

9:40 a.m.:
Today will be an experiment in casual writing. Something is better than nothing, right? I’m sure my mom is getting tired of seeing that same embedded video loitering ’round these parts since April. Expect fractured thoughts.

11:26 a.m.:
Need to shut down… computer seems grumpy. I am rising above.

4:16 p.m.:
Just listened to this on NPR’s All Songs Considered. Thanks, Macklemore for “Same Love.”

Oh, Seattle hip-hop, I’m touched and impressed. And I love the album art featuring Macklemore’s uncles. I mean, guncles.

Wanna help? Support Washington state’s Music for Marriage Equality

6:18 p.m.:
Headed homo.

One Response to “Side Bar”

  1. steven a. Says:

    this format is amazing! stick to it, boo.