3.3 – I am looking forward to…

  • …going to Rachael‘s book launch tonight. She was a blog-spiration of mine from 2004 and the teacher of my first-ever knitting class (that I didn’t need to take, but did, because I wanted to meet her in person and not just be interweb friends). Now she’s a two-time published author, with book three on the way. I’m moved and inspired by people who make their passions into reality.
  • Camp Jabberwonky sock knitting camp at the end of the month. It’s become an annual tradition for me and my mother. Sadly, I’m no longer just a student. (Sad because I’ve never taken a class with Anne Hanson, but learned her mom’s special cast-on from her, and I enjoy learning from the gigantic and technical brains of JC Briar. Of course, I enjoy taking from Stephanie and Tina, too, but I talk to them almost every day.) I’m thrilled that we have a special guest this year, Anna Zilboorg! My first knitting book was the hardcover version of her Knitting for Anarchists
  • …finishing the many projects on my needles. There’s a cardigan that just needs a button band and sleeves attached, there are at least three active pairs of socks (one may be a gift), and two wraps (one for me, one my first lace project to go to Suzanne). As much as I am a process knitter and enjoy the action of one or one hundred stitches, I do all that work to get to an end product.
  • Sock Summit 2011, again, it’s not just because it’s my job. I love teaching. I love meeting, laughing and learning from the students and other teachers. I love seeing a project be realized. And, it’s no understatement to say that the first one changed my life.
  • …visiting Iceland one day. I’ve been slightly obsessed with Sigur Ròs’ Heima since I’ve seen it. I’ve considered attending my manpal Franklin’s Knitting Iceland trip in October (more so to hang with him and meet Ragga because I do not foresee many lace edgings in my knitting future). Here’s a peek at the concert documentary, that’s as much about the music as a love song to the landscape of Iceland:

(I’m glad to see Debbi, Carrie, Marcy and Sam are all doing 30 Days of Lists too! I look forward to seeing what they are jotting down.)


4 Responses to “3.3 – I am looking forward to…”

  1. marcy Says:

    Me too!

    It is great fun and it will be fun to review and share.

    Sock camp is on my list today too!!!!!

  2. Mel Says:

    We won’t get disk #2 of “Heima” before we leave, but I’m so looking to next Tuesday. Any souvenir requests?

  3. Sam Says:

    I’m in negotiations with the hubby about Iceland. I just found the card in my purse that you wrote Heima on, and was planning on tracking it down tonight! Now I get to just click on your link.

  4. Ragga Says:

    You are becoming soooo popular at the Knitting Iceland office, and probably all over Iceland. We even got two visitors today that came from afar just to tell us how lovely and beautiful you are!!!
    Pleeeeeeze join us in October 🙂