cuppa cupping at Sightglass

Today at lunch, I got to leave the office with a friend and learn a thing or two about coffee. She’s investigating sourcing coffee from a local roaster. Naturally, I suggested Sightglass Coffee. It was inspirational to say the least.

Justin and Jered took us through the cupping process, first smelling the freshly ground beans then after they infuse with hot water for four minutes, breaking the crust to get the aroma. Then it was time to aspirate (or slurp) many spoons as they cooled.

With about 8 varietals to try, plus an espresso and macchiatto, I was feeling pretty darn good! It makes me want to get more involved with my own coffee preparation. There’s just something about listening to people discuss their passion. And pass that onto you.

I learned more today about what I enjoy in my coffee as well as what’s out there. I look forward to learning and knowing more.

Here, here to local experts who are generous with their knowledge.

One Response to “cuppa cupping at Sightglass”

  1. WillyG Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration to get out there and talk to a coffee roaster!