round and round

These are my new pals at work. Well, they are not mine, per se, but I share a desk with them. They were “rescued” from an aquarium store to be filmed as a live fish cam in our office for the next month. After that, they’ll be given away to a colleague or a friend.

Anticipating there arrival, I didn’t think much about them. We had been cycling the tank water since last week, so I thought nothing much about their addition to the table. A pleasant sound and visual distraction, perhaps.

Once they were here, I was mesmerized by their movement and grace. (on a side note, I missed swimming again tonight—so much for my return!) But it was stressful too.

Would they live? Were they happy? Does their new home stress them out? A few hours (and some Internet research) later, I fond myself invested in the well-being of Mr. Pickles, Pat Finn and Heidi. Did you know they can live 10-15 years? [ETA: Mel says the record livespan is 40!]

Contrary to popular belief, they have more than a 3-second memory. You’re supposed to rearrange their living space for the sake of variety. I can relate to that. I don’t want to be a little guy trapped in the same cycle, day-in, day-out.

One Response to “round and round”

  1. Mel Says:

    The record lifespan for a goldfish is actually over 40 years.