Warm + fuzzy

Warm chillin' in Georgetown

I saw on Twitter nau was looking for photos of people sporting their clothing, so I made my sister take this picture during our afternoon in Seattle.

As a knitter and designer, it’s very rare that I buy a commercially-knit garment. I’m very particular about both aesthetics and fibers. I had no qualms about adding the Bunny Goat Hoodie to my closet: simple clean ribbing adds well-placed structure to a luxuriously decadent person cozy. It’s a favorite wear for its warmth, looks and packability. cashmere and angora? C’mon!

Thanks, nau, for having (and keeping) my back warm!

3 Responses to “Warm + fuzzy”

  1. Stephen West Says:

    I love that hoodie! And that looks like a nice Herbivore in progress.

  2. Leslie Says:

    It looks great and really is a gorgeous knit! Perfect!

  3. anjaganja Says:

    Your hoodie is fabulous!

    Is that an uneven rib detail(long mixed in short)looks like it in the picture. What a brilliant design detail. It’s those little touches that make hand knits from brilliant artists so chic.