Countdown to au revoir

Last beer in Paris

It’s closing in on 4pm on our last day in Paris. This time tomorrow we’ll be leaving Munich after a three-hour layover. Hopefully, we’ll have spent an hour or so of airport visiting with Kris, Fräulein Bockstark Knits and Victor, Herr Elemmaciltur.

After debating between being responsible and packing or heading down to the Seine and getting ice cream, we finally settled on having a beer in a café on rue Bretagne near the apartment. Ice cream wasn’t my first choice anyway, but before the hate email comes in, Berthillon is closed on Monday and Tuesdays. This beer (Belgian?) is a nice chill way to end a chilly week here.

Travelling always make me hungry for more on one hand, and appreciate what I have on the other. It goes without saying that I’m missing Janie Sparkles something fierce. You may be surprised that I’m eager to get back to work. Granted, I’ve only spent four days on the job there, so I don’t have anything I want to avoid! It’s all exciting and new. (Leaving Clif Bar & Company after nine years will have to be a post for another day.)

I’m hoping to hang onto some of my memories of wanderlust by learning how to cook some of the great food I’ve enjoyed here. There are also many a design kicking around my head that will need to be knit one day. Plus, I never give San Francisco its due, or perhaps I’m too set in my ways for my own good, and there’s plenty of city exploration and gems to find (and write about?). Why not be a tourists chez nous? Maybe I’ll even look up some Alliance Française events! (Sois gentil!)

It’s sad to end a trip, but so exciting to return home to the familiar. That’s why we call it home, eh? Refreshed, inspired, grateful, and alive. You can’t ask for anything more.

ETA: I finished writing this at 17:25, for full disclosure.

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