Un petit mot

A big Paris cliché (mais sympa quand même)

Just a little scribble from Paris, from our honeymoon (one year ex post facto). It’s been a wonderful trip of wandering, eating, happy happen-stance and only-in-Paris moments. If you follow me on Twitter or Flickr, I’ve been trying to share a taste of the trip. It’s like we’re all gay-married together!

I want to acknowledge and thank two bloggers (whom I’ve never met) who’ve been invaluable with their food recommendations that have made this trip perhaps the best of my life.

  • David Lebovitz – we were given his book a few months ago, but spare reading time hasn’t existed for me for quite a while… You can bet your bottom dollar, Lil’ Orphan Annie, that I’ll be picking it up when I’m back in the states!
  • 101 Cookbooks – Heidi is the wife of a guy I barely knew in high school, but always looked up to. We’ve threatened to catch up since the summer, but haven’t made it happen yet. She’s also an award-winning cookbook author on whom many foodie friends have culinary crushes.

If you’re ever planning on going to Paris, do check them out. Your tummy will not be disappointed! As writers and people creating great work around their passions, they’re rather inspirational as well.

à bientôt, mes amis!

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