Faire au crochet ou tricotter?

What’s up, France? Don’t you know the difference between crochet and knitting? There’s a new custom handmade business that’s similar to the Swiss NetGranny’s socks on-demand and the Danish Mormor.nu (Grandma.Now) baby clothes and accessories.

Golden Hook is a site that allows you to create a customized crocheted hat by a French grandmother. In both the English and French copy they use the word “knit” or “tricotter” despite the hats in all the photos are clearly crocheted! Heck, even the business name has the word “hook” in it!

Knit and crochet aren’t the same. Sure both use yarn, but just as German Deutsch and Austrian Deutsch are theoretically the same language, the results are very different!

One Response to “Faire au crochet ou tricotter?”

  1. even Says:

    crochet is a knit, but knitting is not crochet…

    i see they are also saying that the granny will ‘knit’ your idea, so i suppose whoever is writing their copy has no clue. the grannies definitely know what they are doing!