Knitting: Men in America survey

Kyle, who I met at the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat last year, is heading up a project that’s looking at men who knit in America. It’s called Knitting: Men in America. Pretty catchy name, eh?

He’s looking for knitters to help out by taking a short survey.

Both MEN & WOMEN can participate in this general survey regarding knitters as individuals, their stash of materials and general info about who they are (education, income levels, marital status, etc).

It’s an ambitious project, and I’m looking forward to see it take shape. Kyle says, “The more information we have the better of our knitting society and the way male knitters are viewed.”

I’m all for that!

One Response to “Knitting: Men in America survey”

  1. Kyle Kunnecke Says:

    thank you thank you for posting about the survey – I am starting to see responses coming through referred by you (yippee!) – I can’t wait to share what everyone is telling me about the way guys who knit are viewed. Some of the comments (which are repeated by more than a few people) are really interesting! 🙂 I can’t tell you yet what they’re saying because I don’t want to taint the survey – but the project is slowly taking shape!!!!