Flickr turns 4


Happy birthday,!

Thank you for providing a place for me to put my photos, and making it simple to put pretty pictures here in my blog-a-doodle thing.

And, thanks for a great time tonight. I’m glad you invited everyone to your little party.

Although I didn’t enjoy one of the multitude of cupcakes, I really liked the two Hoegaarden‘s (Hoegaardeni?) Oh, and the free t-shirt! That was kind. You didn’t have to…

It was fun to stand in a packed bar with other geeks… I felt like I was in Austin all over again. Like a SXSW after-party!

Keep up the great work. I wish you another 44 years of flickr-y goodness.

One Response to “Flickr turns 4”

  1. Marcella Hilhorst Says:

    Yep, Hoegaardens with an s is right for the plural! Marcella