lost post

My sxsw mini summary was eaten by my phone. I’ll update more in-depth when I have my laptop.

The short, short version includes old friends, lots of knitting and delicious migas and queso. (Look it up.)

I’m missing home, the man and the dog.

One Response to “lost post”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    hey, I am sure you are all up in the SXSW but if you are feeling like a yarn stop, please stop by a new knit shop Gauge Knits…esp. if you have pictures of your Frenchie! I have been admiring your pup for a while now from afar and wanted to say hi on the off chance you might be hitting lys while in Austin. I am Godmother to a FBRN French Bull Dog, Sugar who frequents the shop…there is a nice sampling of local hand spun, and other pretty yarn! Alexandra

    Gauge Knits 5406 Parkcrest Drive Austin, TX 78731 (512) 371-9300