Birthday Girl!


Today, little Miss Janie Sparkles turns four. Or at least that’s what the vet estimated when she came into rescue, five months before she moved into our home and hearts.

While she’s not a big eater, she did get some extra boiled chicken bits handed to her this morning. And, I’m thawing out some fancy natural, organic lamb and rice (given to us by an even fancier dog friend’s parents). If the weather holds, we’ll go out for an off-leash adventure this weekend, too.

(photo by Mr. Man, aka DeadSlow or Christopher. Pay no attention to the man behind the dog.)

7 Responses to “Birthday Girl!”

  1. Julie Says:

    Happy Birthday Janie!

  2. Mel Says:

    Smooches to the birthday girl! She doesn’t look a day over two.

  3. Zach Says:

    Awww, too cute. Happy Birthday, Miss Janie! PS: I love reading your blog!

  4. Dan Says:

    THAT is SUCH a great picture!! She’s a total cutie.
    We spent yesterday watching too much of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. So we’re in serious pup-mode.

  5. sco Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday sweet girly!

  6. Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Janie!

  7. kimchi Says:

    AWWW, Happy Birthday to Janey!
    Snort Snort, and BURP from Fanny. :o)
    love, elaine.