Friday off


I took Friday off last week and enjoyed a day all for myself. I’ve accumulated too much vacation time, maxing out, so I need to indulge in a couple of days here and there, or else I lose the time!

Typically, I just sit on the couch and knit, watching whatever the Tivo’s been holding for me. Maybe a nap with Janie Sparkles and a touch of cooking.

Not this time.


It was terribly cold and rainy, so what better way to start a selfish day than a run?

Honestly, I doubted that I’d actually get out the door, but I knew I’d feel great afterwards.

So, before driving Mr. Man to work (to spare him a wet bike commute), I put on my synthetics and running shoes. Thirty minutes later, here’s the proof of my run piled in front of the fridge.

Post-run smoothie

Then, time to eat. I’ve been having smoothies every morning for the past couple of weeks, which is highly out of character. I’m not a big fruit guy. (Big fruit, yes; fruit-eater, no.) I fear the frothy, milkshake-y goodness for fear of too much sweet. Heck, I don’t even like ice cream, so why try to like a pretend milkshake?

For those who are also dessert-adverse, adding nuked oatmeal, flaxseed meal, unflavored whey powder, plain yogurt and peanut butter insures the concoction doesn’t taste like a berry patch. Or, less eloquently, Mr. Man says it tastes like dirt. However you describe it, it suits my savory-favoring palate.

Blue Bottle cafe siphon bar

My friend Rachel had the day off, too, so I went downtown to meet her for coffee. Not just any coffee, $20,000 coffee. Blue Bottle just opened a cafe last week. Of the two big roasters in town, and ever since I stopped adding sugar to my lattes, I prefer the flavor of their roasts to Ritual’s.

‘Twas delicious. It’s a great space. Very theatrical performance of the coffee preparation (read the article linked above). Nice science-y beakers. Good flavor, but perhaps more of a special occasion coffee, not a habit. I’m glad I tried it.

Continuing the indulgence, I took myself to the movies to see Cloverfield. Just ’cause. It’s not the highest-brow choice in this Oscar season (I’ve only seen Ma Vie en Rose), but perfect for a rainy day. I haven’t been to a theater since I saw The Lives of Others last year. And since my beloved doesn’t appreciate sci-fi or horror movies, I gotta get it in on my own. A smidge Blair Witch-y with the single hand-held video camera, but a great tension-filled, frantic evacuation of NYC that doesn’t dumb-down a narrative to spoon-feed you a typical Hollywood film structure.

Today is another day off, and I’ve got a run and perhaps another movie, casting off Henry, and a sourdough starter to continue to feed. Time’s a-wasting!

7 Responses to “Friday off”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Have you been to Ray’s Tea House in Philly Chinatown?
    They have been doing coffee like that for YEARS.

    They also have really tasty food, if you come back to Philly any time we have to go!

  2. Steven Says:

    Sounds like a perfect day — except for the running part. Brisk walking, maybe?

    Let me know how casting off Henry goes. I had issues. And being me, I’m sure it was all about me. But I’d be interested to hear if you hit any snags.

  3. Elemmaciltur Says:

    You certainly are enjoying your day off. Good on ya!

  4. Amy Says:

    Juno and There Will Be Blood are also excellent. Load up on dirt smoothies and run to the theatre!

  5. Dan Says:

    PERSEPOLIS!!! What a great movie. Brilliant.

    And I’ve been jonezing to try that coffee since I read that piece in the Times a few weeks back.

  6. Amy Says:

    I nominated you for a You Make My Day Award!

  7. Sean Says:

    I love taking week-days off. It’s like being in a secret world, where cafes aren’t crowded, and you can just shop and enjoy yourself, or nap, or have a gin and tonic at 2:00 p.m..

    I’m waiting to see Cloverfield on DVD. I think the handheld video would make me ill in the theater.