NaNo no-no

For the lack of posting, you’d think I had forgotten how to write at all. ‘Tis not the case. It was a productive blog silence, as I attempted my fourth NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month.

Sadly, at about 18K words in, I pulled the plug last week. It’s further than I’ve ever gotten, so that makes me happy. But with trying to launch a site at work, two nights at the office past 11pm and a trip to the outlaw in-laws (outlaws only because my relationship isn’t legally recognized) in Eugene for the upcoming Tofurkey day, it wasn’t going to happen without a lot of pain. And I want to do NaNo in a spirit of fun and joy. There’s enough hurt in the world without scooping some more on myself.

That said, my newfound free time means a return to knitting, a chance to clean out some email inboxes, a truckload of Ravelry friend adds and hopefully more opportunities to be social. I’m back in the pool, too. As soon as that darn redesign launches, it will be a full return to normalcy.

2 Responses to “NaNo no-no”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I support you in your new knitting/cleaning time…. I’ve thought about doing the same thing, but I’m going to self-flagellate a bit more…. xo

  2. WonderMike Says:

    As a selfish someone who needs to see you more, I greatly applaud your decision to put the NaNaHeyHeyGoodBye thing aside. Besides, you should be able to write your great memoir AFTER we take the knitting world by storm…

    Hugz & Misses, Misses Jones…..